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Welcome! Membership in this chapter is open to individuals who are actively employed and engaged in procurement activities for public agencies at any level, including federal, state, counties, cities, special districts, public education, and other political subdivisions.  Retirees from these agencies, and students who are enrolled in purchasing management or related courses, are also eligible.  Please refer to Article III of our chapter bylaws for complete details of the member types that are available to you, or look to the bottom of this page for the most popular member types.

When you join, you will have access to free or low-cost educational programs, products, and services that are uniquely tailored to help you improve your skills and abilities as a public purchasing professional.  You will also have opportunities to network with your peers in other public agencies all around northern California.  

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Student Membership

Student membership shall be open to college and university students for the time such students are enrolled in purchasing management or a related subject area. Student members shall be exempt from the payment of dues and may not vote or hold office.

Individual Membership

Dues may be paid by the individual or by the member's employer.

Individual membership may be retained by the member in the event the member takes a qualifying position with another agency.

Honorary Membership

May be conferred by unanimous vote of the Board upon individuals who have made distinguished contributions to the purchasing profession, or this Chapter. Honorary members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office and shall be exempt from payment of dues

Agency Membership

Dues are paid by the member's agency. Agency membership may be transferred to others within their agency, in the event the original member takes a different non-qualifying position within the agency or leaves that agency. Agency members are entitled to vote and hold office.






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